Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am not going to sign-up with another personal trainer. I already know what to do to stay healthy. I just got to do it. So, tonight, it's all about what I am going to eat for dinner--especially, since I just got home and it's close to 7:30 p.m. Personal Trainers advise you not to eat 4 hours before going to bed. Ugh. So, it's either a salad or yogurt. Looks like it'll be the salad since Personal Trainers advise against eating carbs at night. Ugh! Ok. So, I'm taking the salad out of the refrigerator. It's the healthiest choice and, once again, the decision was up to me--as always! Just go to do it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm still so proud of myself. I enjoyed a Superbowl Party hosted at my house. But I made a choice! I had a balance of healthy and yummy foods. I didn't want to end the day feeling bloated and full. And my guests enjoyed the variety. One even brought a bag of carrot sticks. Oh my! But surprised my guests with a delicious salad they could add to their entrees. Plus, the alcohol was no big deal! Just made a spritzer with wine. And now, a few days later, am still feeling good even though I didn't have the time to work out that morning!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired--what happened to the workout???

Well, I promised myself I would go to the gym at least four times a week! i can do Saturday and Sunday mornings. But I have been getting home late from work--around 8pm. And, like tonight, all I want to do is get something to eat and relax. And, I don't see that changing...my schedule will be hectic for the next 30 days. But one of my colleagues is a shiny example of what kind of results you get by going to the gym--no matter what! She's lost 22 pounds in two months by going to the gym 5 times a week and eating nothing but protein and vegetables. Plus, she loves coke--but has cut it back to one a day vs. six!


I'm watching my carbs, and I have been for years. And the person who used her "celebritiness"--hey I think I just made-up a word, or mispelt it--was Suzanne Sommers. About ten years ago, she wrote a book about eating carbs with protein or vegetables. It's some thing she learned while vacationing in France. I lost 9 pounds, just by reading her book--"Eat Great, Lose weight." Truly, I did follow the instructions and dropped 9 pounds in less than 3 weeks. And now, I better pull out the book, again, as my metabolism has slowed down with age. I think it'll make for good bedtime reading tonight!

My Yogurt

I like to feel good everyday--both mentally and physically.
But, at times, I do find it hard to do. That's because it can get real confusing as to what's good for you--or not!
For instance, food! Today, I am thinking of giving-up my yogurt because on my way to work the other day, Dr. McDougall, a radio guest said, "yogurt is bad for your digestive system, and that includes all dairy products." Oh well. But he does offer a solution, take Probiotics in supplement form. So, before the end of the week, I'll head to Henry's and pick up a bottle.